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Millefiori - Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery
New dimensional hand embroidery designs to stitch.
Books by Rosalie Wakefield - Patterns and Innovative Stitch Techniques
for Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery
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"My Book of Stitches"
Rosalie Wakefield

Brazilian dimensional embroidery stitch designs inspired by traditional hand embroidery stitches are collected into My Book of Stitches .


Developed from over 200 Millefiori embroidery designs and more than seven of Rosalie Wakefield’s books on Brazilian embroidery including Take A Stitch, a new spin is now added to familiar stitches as hundreds of innovative ideas fill the pages in My Book of Stitches.


This collection of dimensional embroidery ideas is meant to inspire other stitchers toward designing and creativity and may be used on any project – crazy quilts, wearable items or needlework for the home.


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Brazilian embroidery is a contemporary form of hand embroidery
using dimensional techniques based on traditional needlework stitches.
So thread a needle, take a stitch,

and enter the exciting world of Brazilian dimensional embroidery

as you add new dimension to the ancient art of the embroidered cloth.


The dimensional stitches of Brazilian embroidery are used to create beautiful motifs, mostly floral, by using innovative new techniques
and these stitches are accomplished with 100% rayon Z-twist floss.

Dimensional stitches can be made with silk, cotton threads or other fibers,

embellished with beads, buttons or trims.

All combine to give exciting new vision to Brazilian embroidery designs.


The Brazilian dimensional embroidery books and designs of Millefiori

feature imaginative new techniques and variations of traditional needlework stitches,

and encourage the stitch artist toward even more creative stitchery.

Brazilian dimensional embroidery designs by Millefiori are predominantly floral or small landscapes. Because of the unique nature of this needle art which features so many raised flower designs, added touches of whimsy -- small animals, cats, birds and bugs – are often found roaming through Rosalie Wakefield’s Millefiori designs.


Flowers and other motifs of Brazilian dimensional embroidery are often used to decorate wearables such as clothing, tote bags or jewelry. Dimensional stitches and flowers may be added to crazy quilts, art quilts or other wall hangings, or ready-to-stitch designs may be finished as pillows, small framed tablescapes or for other placement in the creative home. 


Although other fibers are sometimes used for dimensional embroidery stitches, the lustrous Z-twist 100% rayon floss manufactured by EdMar Co., available in eight different weights and 200 solid, shaded and over-dyed colors, adds stark beauty and elegance to the finished stitchwork and gives the needle art its name – Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery. Floss is available from several online merchants linked at the Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery International Guild, Inc. (BDEIG) website.


Rosalie Wakefield is the author of several Millefiori books about Brazilian dimensional embroidery, and a designer of many patterns ready to stitch. Since most Millefiori designs feature original stitches and stitch combinations, they are listed as intermediate-to-advanced level, but are never too great a challenge for the creative stitcher.


Orders may be placed by phone, email or with the on-line shopping cart. Wholesale and retail orders are welcome and discounts are offered to teachers who purchase in quantity for their classes. Some of the designs are being offered offered as a pdf file. These retail-only designs are traceable patterns with all instructions included, but nearly all designs ordered separately will include the design on screen printed fabric, a color photo and printed instructions that include a stitch guide and information about adding finishing touches to your completed stitchery.



Give Brazilian dimensional embroidery a try.

This is a creative embroidery experience that will satisfy your artistic spirit. 

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