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999 - TooT
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#999 999 - TooT

An elephant is a nice place for flowers.

For one thing, an elephant holds a LOT of flowers. For another, it’s a good location for “extra” flowers that didn’t fit any other design.  Meadowfoam is one such flower – easily stitched with bullions and cast-on stitches, but with a different sort of arrangement.

Other new flowers with simple stitches, re-arranged, include the large spiral flower and its double cast-on drizzle center, trumpet flower, rocket vine, prim-rose, nose rose and Ele-bun flowers, all named suitably for this elegant elephant who is also wearing a fascinator (hat) in the English Princess style, made with a variation of the Globe Amaranth flower from Rosalie’s book, My LadyFlowers.

Oops! We almost forgot the “Eeek Factor”, a sweet little mouse admiring the flowers its friend is wearing.

If you enjoy stitching "TooT", look for the new Millefiori design #8009 "Daisy" ... the little burro and the elephant go together just like Republicans and Democrats!


Design:           5” x 7” on 10” x 12” fabric

998 - Cloud 9
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#998 998 - Cloud 9

Cloud Nine is the flowering dogwood tree, Cornus florida 'Cloud 9'.

A very durable flower petal, perfect for wearable items, crazy quilt motifs, or made into a Christmas ornament, is created with a new version of a combination cast-on and bullion stitch, but the most interesting part of the flower petal is the use of a drizzle, attached before finishing.

Dogwood blossoms have a lighter, pale yellow or green center vein, but I’ve used the darker color to bring more definition. In addition to stitching this flower – easily finished in an afternoon or evening – you will learn to make the Millefiori original border, the Interlocking Stem Stitch. This flower was introduced and is the same as the dogwood blossom on the “B.E. A Tree” design.

Design:           3” x 3½” on 8” x 8” fabric

997 - B.E. A Tree DOGwood with Cats
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#997 997 - B.E. A Tree DOGwood with Cats

Brazilian embroider a tree, but not just any tree. It’s a DOGwood tree. This dogwood has each of its flower petals stitched with a new technique for a notched leaf and a connected drizzle center vein.

You probably saw the lovely floral Heather-Scottie right away, but there’s also a Guard-en Dog, a Poodle Puff, and the new Pom-Pom Pomeranian hanging for dear life out of the reach of those cats. You'll also stitch King Arf-ur and Sir Barks-A-Lot (aka Barky), and traceable floral patterns are included so you can stitch each of these doggie flowers without the ears and eyes.

This design features several new, original techniques – the new cast-on pistil stitch, knotted double loop, bubble backstitch, and the tree -- simply stitched with over-dyed Nova using stem and outline stitches, and this time the cats have treed the dogs, waiting in joyful anticipation to see which doggie they can capture first.


Design:           7” x 8” on 10” x 12” fabric

996 - A Whisper of Springtime
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#996 996 - A Whisper of Springtime

As the seasons change, lilacs burst into bloom and butterflies visit a garden with gazebo. A flower-strewn path along the meandering stream includes loosestrife, red clover, ferns and little umbrella plants.

Lilacs are stitched with the original lilac cluster technique from the Millefiori design, “Seasons of the Butterfly”. Other stitches used are the comma, the ridged blanket stitch, twisted chain, chain stitch filling, double outline stitch and herringbone-style leaves which self-pad with each pass of the needle through the fabric. You’ll also learn an intriguing way of adding a whole bank of flowers to a design with just one stitch. Dainty clover petals are stitched with Glory and the #15 milliners needle. If you like stitching with lighter-weight floss, such as Iris and Glory, this is the class for you!


Design:           6” x 6” on 10” x 10” fabric

995 - Rose Garden995 - Rose Garden995 - Rose Garden
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#995 995 - Rose Garden

Nine entirely new dimensional roses in this Brazilian embroidery design are Crescendo, Damask, Spider Rose, Marco Polo, Double Delight, Moondance, Tropicana, Heirloom, and Applause. Roses are accented with side flowers and framed with a double thread running stitch border as the original Millefiori Mossy Branches twine around all.

You’ll stitch easy variations of the zigzag cast-on, two different versions of the piggyback cast-on, the new pistil stitch, the comma, RM couching, as well as the up-down cast-on, the wrap ‘n gather technique, reverse colonial knot (a preferred French knot substitute), raised close herringbone, padded herringbone-style stitch, an original woven buttonhole bullion and more ideas to use on your other embroidery.

Each of these flowers can be stitched as a separate motif for a wearable item or stitched on a crazy quilt, or the design may be incorporated as an art quilt or framed for your garden room.

Design: 13" x 13" on 18" x 18" fabric cut

994 - Pocket Projects994 - Pocket Projects
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#994 994 - Pocket Projects

Do you remember the original B.E. pistil stitch used for the Geron Daisy? Well, the new Cast-on Pistil Stitch is worked exactly opposite! Bring the needle up at the “knot”, cast on instead of wrapping! Easy as pie!!

There are three separate pocket-sized designs on one fabric print! That’s only $4 for each 3” x 3” design. Cut them apart for wearable items, crazy quilt motifs, for framing, or just for fun!

         Perfect for classes!!




993 - Field of Flowers993 - Field of Flowers993 - Field of Flowers
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#993 993 - Field of Flowers

OK, it might look “busy,” but you will have a smile on your face as you fall face down into this Brazilian dimensional embroidery field of colorful flowers.


Stitch “Field of Flowers” as a framed piece for a skinny wall, as a panel for a vest or art quilt, or as an album cover – the possibilities are unlimited. Use the colors shown here (all colors are repeated at top and/or bottom or side to side), or you can select one color for a monochromatic color scheme. Flowers are stitched almost entirely with Iris, but some Lola, Ciré and Frost is also used.
The second version of this design is stitched on white fabric with almost all Iris #227, a few matchng matte-colored beads, and finished as a small art quilt. If you decide to stitch an art quilt, I suggest selecting your cotton fabric first so you can coordinate colors.


In addition to the Dutch tulip and the Delft rose, there are some intricate flowers, including Rosalie's realistic, original Gladdy with its bundled bullion framework, and two versions of the cast-on flower with instructions on how to really “fluff-up” those cast-on stitches.
This design also introduces Rosalie’s latest innovation, the brand new cast-on pistil stitch – an amazing new idea for one of our original Brazilian dimensional embroidery stitches and a Really Useful Stitch to use on your other embroidery projects.
Unusual stitch combinations will perk your own imagination and inspire you to try new things. You’ll also learn how to stitch ribbons quickly and easily, the lazy heart leaves, reverse colonial knot, cast-on twist, raised close herringbone, Brazilian couching and lots of other interesting techniques.


In addition to all those flowers in the field, look for birdies, butterflies, ladybugs, a cute (yes!) slug, and dragonfly – more than two dozen flowers, leaves and other assorted surprises – truly the “Where’s Waldo?” of Brazilian embroidery!
This is an intermediate level design. Only a few are left!


Design: 5” x 10” on 12” x 15” fabric

979 - Ruby Slipper Orchid979 - Ruby Slipper Orchid979 - Ruby Slipper Orchid
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#979 979 - Ruby Slipper Orchid

The exciting Ruby Slipper Orchid is a true delight to stitch. The petals are made with a new variation of Rosalie Wakefield’s original “Archie” [Archie R. A. Drizzle] technique, but finished with each floss strand having a different purpose. Working with Ciré, you’ll add auxiliary orchid petals with satin stitch, and edge the main petal with ruffled cast-on stitches.
Up-down drizzles add a finishing touch to this orchid. Leaves are also stitched with Ciré with Brazilian outline outline-stitched stems. This orchid may also be stitched with Iris and Lola. The second picture shows this embroidery used to finish a decorative box (buy the box first; match the floss to the box). 
The finishing touch for this design is the Mosswood Blossom, stitched with Rosalie’s original Brazilian moss stitch.
This an intermediate-advanced level design.

5” circular design - Price Reduced

978 - Country Road978 - Country Road
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#978 978 - Country Road

This design is now out of stock:

A day in the country brings a sense of peace and relaxation as the needle artist wanders among delightful flowers in the landscape.


This Brazilian dimensional embroidery design features Charlotte’s Lace Flower, the double raised close herringbone stitch, up-down cast-on, a B.E. version of Erica Wilson’s raised cup stitch, Rosalie's new butterfly knot that will surprise you with its simplicity, and the exciting new Ceylon border stitch.


Confetti Spirea flowers are made with drizzles (Oh!  Wait!  --What’s that kitty cat doing there? – besides smashing those little violets flat), and firecracker vines, rudbeckia, hollyhocks, the butterfly vine, double daisies, wild chicory, little roses and blue birdies complete the design.
A different stitch is used for each leaf and the countryside elements – fence, rocks, road, and hills are finished with simple basic embroidery stitches. 
     This is an intermediate-advanced level design.


6” circular design

977 - Reverie
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#977 977 - Reverie

The Crepe Paper Roses on this Brazilian dimensional embroidery design are new. Use coordinating color shades, variegated floss or just one color and stitch one crinkly paper rose with Frost and a #3 milliners needle and another with Lola, using a #1 milliners needle.


“Reverie” is a condition of daydreaming while awake – and you will be free to pursue dreamy, fanciful notions of other projects where you can stitch these delightful paper roses. This design is available on white fabric only.


 “Reverie” is framed by Rosalie’s ever-popular and original Bouclé border stitch.  Background leaves and swirls are stitched with Ciré and Iris and a mated pair of swans, simply stitched with satin stitch and blanket stitch, add grace and beauty to this small landscape embroidery.


6” circular design

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