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976 - SeaShells
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#976 976 - SeaShells

he artistry of dimensional embroidery inspires the creative stitcher to play with treasures from their sewing box, metallic threads, rayon fibers, nautiical charms, beads such as tiny pearls and coral, and from trips to the seashore as they use their stitching skills to complete a beautiful piece of finished artwork.
Millefiori's Brazilian dimensional embroidery design, "SeaShells" is pictured here with assorted beads and "sparkles", but traditional stitches also add beauty to the design. Featured on the "SeaShells" design is an original 22-Stitch* (*Give-or-Take-A-Stitch) Seahorse couple (about the size of a pair of earrings from a stitcher's jewelry box).
This is an intermediate level design. SeaShells is shown on a patterned 100% cotton fabric background. Available as a PDF file only, with traceable pattern, color photograph and all instructions.  Retail only.
Design: 8" circular
975 - How Does Your Garden Grow?975 - How Does Your Garden Grow?975 - How Does Your Garden Grow?
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#975 975 - How Does Your Garden Grow?

Design is now out of stock
The question is often asked of Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary: "How does your garden grow?"
This RoMaGa dimensional embroidery design, the cooperative effort of three Brazilian embroidery instructor/designers, Rosalie Wakefield, Mary-E. Crichton and Gayl Ratigan, incorporates a wide variety of beginning, intermediate and advanced stitches and flowers and makes a wonderful class project for a group.


"How Does Your Garden Grow?" may be finished as a bell pull or framed for a narrow wall. Each small garden oval is planted with different flowers and stitches, and beads or metallic threads add sparkle. Many stitches, flowers and techniques are included with hints and tips that can be used for any embroidery.


The design package includes detail photos and patterns for each oval. A stitch guide and finishing suggestions are included with all Millefiori designs. This is an intermediate-advanced level Brazilian embroidery design.
Design:  4” x 20” on 10” x 30” fabric. Limited availability; order yours now while they last.
974 - Wildflower Wreath
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#974 974 - Wildflower Wreath

Softest pastels in pink, yellow and blue frame the fragrant Rosa ballerina, a musk rose with clusters of single, five-petal flowers edged in a darker shade of pink, and nestled in surrounding blanket-stitched leaves. The heart of the rose is stitched with Rosalie’s original “snowball” technique and a drizzle variation for the stamens is credited to B.E. Designer/Instructor Loretta Holzberger for a technique she developed.

The wreath repeats four times around with a motif that can also be used elsewhere, either on wearables, crazy quilts or hand-embroidered greeting cards. A traceable pattern is included.
Other flowers you will meet with your needle are the delicate Shellflower in triple satin stitch with Ciré and leaves using a clever technique for adding a natural look to satin stitched leaves.
Showy Evening Primroses with their unique Star-Crossed Drizzle stamens are stitched in pale yellow; and delicate blue Chicory, sometimes known as Cornflower or Endive, is stitched with bullions, straight stitches and a bright bead center. 


This is an intermediate level Brazilian embroidery design. The Star-Crossed Drizzle is an advanced level stitch.

Design: 6” circular - Reduced Price!

973 - Olivia, A Crazy Lace Octopus973 - Olivia, A Crazy Lace Octopus
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#973 973 - Olivia, A Crazy Lace Octopus

It’s wonderful to have lots of arms and legs. Think of the stitching you can do! This Crazy-Lace Octopus, Olivia, has put each of her eight arms to good use, embellishing her personal ‘wearable” with crazy patch stitches and lacy petticoats that peek from beneath her hemline. After she does her hair and dons her pearls, she decorates her undersea home with elegant Brazilian dimensional embroidery stitches. A Floss Tail Fish is made with Fluffy Ruffles, two versions of the drizzle and Millefiori’s original Piggyback Cast-on.


Seaweed waves in undersea breezes and spiraling folded drizzle sponges offer shade for a simply-stitched oyster, the source of her pearls. Sea anemones, ruffled starfish, a conch shell and “Stretch, the SeaSnail” pause to admire her artistry, which features variations of the rolled rose, needle woven bullions, Star-fill, feathers, fishies and fishing flies.


Olivia has a friend, a companion print named Claudia, the Calico Crab (Millefiori #972). Both designs have some stitches and features in common, yet both are quite different. One similarity, though, is those little jellyfish. Olivia’s jellyfish is Jill Jellyfish (…and Claudia’s jellyfish is named Jack Jellyfish). Jill is stitched in pink and lavender with new twisty folded drizzle tentacles and automatic couching. Her petticoats are running cast-on stitches and she is wearing her diamond earrings and tiara.  


A stitch guide and finishing suggestions are included with all Millefiori designs. This is an intermediate-advanced level Brazilian embroidery design.


Design: 7” x 9”

972 - Claudia, A Calico Crab972 - Claudia, A Calico Crab
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#972 972 - Claudia, A Calico Crab

Who would have thought it? A crafty crab with crafting skills!! Claudia, our little CQ cutie, sidles along the seafloor, bringing her embroidery along as she embellishes her own garb with the Rosebud Knot, Sand Tulips, Sunny Susan, bright-eyed Swimmy Fish and interesting, simple crazy quilt border stitches.


When Claudia’s not stitching conch shells, starfish and Bouclé barnacles, she sashays across the seafloor sideways to dine on pasta coral. New stitch-techniques complete manicotti, mostacholi and mac-and-cheese munchies garnished with pearls and gold charlotte seed beads, all served with a side order of two cleverly-stitched, realistic clams. Claudia’s dining room curtains are decorated with waving, bead-embellished sea grass and RM Couching.


Claudia is not alone in her watery wonderland of stitch delights. Just above her and almost hidden in the bullion-enhanced seaweed lurks the rare but well-known Needle-Threader Fish that is in danger of being lured into oblivion by a bobber with wiggle worm attached.


Claudia has a friend, a Millefiori companion design, #973 Olivia, A Crazy-Lace Octopus. Both designs have some stitches and features in common, yet both are quite different. One similarity, though, is the little jellyfish. Claudia’s jellyfish is Jack Jellyfish (…and Olivia’s jellyfish is named Jill Jellyfish.) He’s stitched in blues and lavenders with new twisty folded drizzle tentacles and automatic couching, and he’s dressed with running bullions, satin and outline stitch. These designs can be perfectly framed in shadow boxes with agates, charms and other sea treasures.


A Brazilian dimensional embroidery stitch guide and finishing suggestions are included with all Millefiori designs. This is an intermediate-advanced level Brazilian embroidery design.

Design: 7” x 9”

971 - The Cascade Rose
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#971 971 - The Cascade Rose

The Cascade Rose, stitched with an exciting new zigzag cast-on stitch,  pays tribute to the beautiful U.S. Pacific Northwest. Dewey MilleFlower beads sparkle at the heart of this stunning flower, a reminder of the beautiful wild rhododendrons that grow in the Coast and Cascade Mountain Ranges from British Columbia to Monterey, California.


The mist-covered foothills of these same mountains sparkle in Oregon Mist flowers; and Oregon’s Western Wood Anemone, a native of the West’s coastal forests adds a touch of elegance. The salmonberry, a relative of thimbleberry and raspberry, grows from Alaska to California; its showy magenta double daisy flower blossoms nestling around plump golden needlewoven berries. A shower of lazy daisy leaves, sparkling silver curling sprays and dots of beady mist complete the design.


A Brazilian dimensional embroidery stitch guide and finishing suggestions are included with all Millefiori designs. 
Level: intermediate-advanced.  Price reduction!


Design:  3½” x 4½”

970 - A-Tisket, A-Tasket970 - A-Tisket, A-Tasket970 - A-Tisket, A-Tasket
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#970 970 - A-Tisket, A-Tasket

A-Tisket, A-Tasket – flowers in a wicker basket! Stitch lots of new  flowers – the Blue Mountain Rose, Beauty Rose, Painted Mum, Night Romancing the Moon, Red Flowering Currant, Appalachian Violet and our beloved “Loopy,” and explore the ways simple stitch re-arrangements can give flowers a completely new look. The Beauty Rose on this design is a variation of Rosalie's new "American Beauty Rose" (Millefiori #965).
Bead embroidery techniques are included as well as working with YLI Candlelight fibers. Several different leaf and flower-petal treatments, satin stitch and long, slanted satin stitching add realism to this Brazilian dimensional embroidery design. YLI Candlelight: #021 Copper and EdMar Co.100% rayon floss, Iris #223 are used to finish the basket as shown. Please allow two skeins of Iris floss for stitching the basket. Wash-out guide lines are printed for even stitching.


A stitch guide and finishing suggestions are included with all Millefiori designs. This is an intermediate-advanced level Brazilian embroidery design.


Design: 6” x 6”

969 - Wishes and Dreams969 - Wishes and Dreams
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#969 969 - Wishes and Dreams

A floral landscape hides little critters – a kitty, a bunny, an owl, and new, tiny 22-Stitch* (*Give-or-Take A Stitch) flower fairies – among 17 flowers. Framing the design are Millefiori’s new Cascade Blossom, Punctuation Lace Rose, Ruffled Chantilly Rose, Braided Lace Buttercups, a variation of Gayl Ratigan’s 1-2/3-2 “Drizzle with Integrity,” used for the large ferns (and a wonderful addition to any other Brazilian dimensional embroidery design), and foliage stitched with an original – the Millefiori ridged blanket stitch. You’ll also learn the self-padding raised close herringbone stitch developed by Erica Wilson and/or Margaret Boyles and favorite Brazilian dimensional embroidery leaf stitches. The wishing well roof is made with cast-on stitches and the brickwork and bucket with its realistic chain add to the design. Flower fairies, wearing sparkling gold metallic thread, admire the Aztec Lily, Black-eyed Susan, Buddleia, Coneflower, Hollyhocks, Lantana, Michelmas Daisy, MilleFlower, Petunia and Tuxedo Flowers. Beads may be scattered throughout for added sparkle.


This 8” x 10” advanced-level design. perfect for a shadow box, is a companion print to Millefiori #926 “Garden Party”. A dimensional stitch guide and finishing instructions are included.

968 - Carnival Confetti
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#968 968 - Carnival Confetti

 Design now out of stock.

          “Come to the Circus!” Or if a carnival will do, here’s one for you! Flowers, flowers, flowers and showers of confetti delight unique circus acts. Tony the Tiger and Larry the Lion peek out from behind topical flowers as a high-wire act with two little bluebirdies – The Flying Winglendas (distant cousins of the famous Flying Wallendas) – entertain from on high.


Dimensional flowers abound – almost all new, but stitched with Brazilian embroidery techniques. Step right up! In the upper corner we have a Balloon Flower. The lower corner is anchored with a Merry-Go-Round Mum. Other flowers are Carnival Carnations, Busy Lizzie Carousel flowers, Harlequin Rose, Hot Buttered Popcorn Plant, and Cascade Circus Blossoms, all blended together with a sparkling shower of colorful tiny beads.


If you enjoy stitching designs with a circus theme, see Millefiori #884 “Itty Bitty Clown”, available as a pdf file with full-color instructions and traceable pattern for transferring to your choice of fabric. A stitch guide and finishing suggestions are included with all Millefiori designs.

Advanced level design - Very limited supply 
Size: 7” x 9”


967 - Hattie's Pincushion
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#967 967 - Hattie's Pincushion

The very tall and beautiful pink garden perennial, Astrantia, is also known as Masterwort, Melancholy Gentleman or Hattie’s Pincushion. Its beautiful seed pods are often used in dried arrangements. This flower is translated into Brazilian dimensional embroidery using the delightful and original drizzleberry technique that I developed a few years ago for the Millefiori Oriental Poppy (#948 “Patty’s Plum") and a double peony (#950 "Drizzleberry Punch"). In addition, a new arrangement of cast-on stitches is used to complete other Astrantia flower varieties on this design, and the seed pods are finished with beadwork, satin and cast-on stitches. 


Hiding in the shadows of leaves and stems edged with the versatile Brazilian couching technique are two very cute little “pincushion” hedgehogs, stitched with Rosalie’s original barbed bullions and beady little eyes and noses. A stitch guide and finishing suggestions are included with all Millefiori designs. This is an advanced level Brazilian embroidery design.


Size: 6” x 8”


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