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966 - Chantilly Lace
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#966 966 - Chantilly Lace

If you like cast-on stitches and if you like satin stitching, you will love this design!


A beautiful lacewing butterfly is framed with several new flower techniques. The lacewing butterfly was found on the Internet and has been adapted to Brazilian dimensional embroidery using satin stitch, cast-on, backstitch and some beadwork. Flowers include the all new Ruffled Chantilly Rose with an interesting arrangement of cast-on stitches, an Almond Blossom that combines satin, fly, bullions, up-down cast-on and up-down drizzle stitches, the Punctuation Lace Rose made with the comma, China Pinks that combine bullion and running cast-on stitches with a stacked bead center, Candle Blossoms and Glory Lace, stitched with the locking detached buttonhole stitch. Pale yellow field flowers with Ciré fly stitch leaves and stems in two coordinating greens complete the design.  A stitch guide and finishing suggestions are included.


Level: Advanced.
Size: 6” x 6”


965 - American Beauty Rose
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#965 965 - American Beauty Rose

The American Beauty Rose, introduced in the U.S. in 1886, is a long-blooming, strongly-scented deep pink hybrid perpetual rose and is stitched here with a new variation of the traditional Brazilian embroidery bullion rose. Ciré and a Millefiori original, the raised buttonhole stitch, add extra dimension to this perpetual beauty.


This design also features the Punctuation Lace Rose made with the comma (a combination cast-on/bullion) stitch which was one of Rosalie’s first stitch “experiments” many years ago.  Pale yellow moonbeam coreopsis, pink carnations, pale blue daisies, eucalypts and lush new lady fern couching complete the design. 

A stitch guide and finishing suggestions are included with all Millefiori designs.  


Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Size: 5” x 5”


963 - Summer Floral
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#963 963 - Summer Floral

Design now out of stock. How many ways can one make a lazy daisy stitch? Let us count the ways.


An elegant dynasty of noble midsummer-blooming flowers graces this Brazilian dimensional embroidery design. Attending the regal Queen Anne’s Lace are her royal court – two spectacular Duchess Dahlias, heirloom Esther Reed/Shasta Daisies and a lovely Princess Flower. ‘Royal Velvet’ Crepe Myrtle and delightful Daisy Maiden Flowers dance through the design as Maidenhair and Lady Ferns hover in the background.


Several variations of the ever-popular lazy daisy stitch are used for both flowers and leaves. In addition to the traditionallazy daisy, other techniques include the reverse lazy daisy, side fly stitch leaf, one-step leaf and stem, lazy satin daisy, and the Brazilian or two-step lazy daisy. A stitch guide and finishing suggestions are included with all Millefiori designs. This intermediate-advanced level design is perfect for class teaching.             


Design:  6½” x  8½” 


962 - Gingerbread House
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#962 962 - Gingerbread House

The Gingerbread House is a refreshing and calorie-free way to satisfy your sweet tooth and your stitching fingers at the same time.
Stitch this delightful Gingerbread House surrounded by holiday greenery and decorated in only the most delicious candies of the season. Dream on cotton candy clouds; munch on minty candy roof or door decorations, garden with gumdrops and lollipops. Treat yourself to a candy-pink cupcake in a chocolate bullion wrapper, or wander a candy almond path in search of old-fashioned Christmas ribbon candy. A marshmallow snowman with cinnamon-stick arms and chocolate chip eyes dances beneath double cast-on drizzle trees and adds sweetness to this Brazilian dimensional embroidery design.


Several original and advanced-level stitches are included: the crisscross satin stitch, Brazilian outline stitch, raised buttonhole stitch, Star-Fill, the barbed bullion, and a Millefiori favorite named “Stretch.” It’s a real temptation to embellish this design with beads and other sparklies, but no beads are used in the design as shown – the beautiful rayon floss does the job all by itself!


If you like sweets, take a look at Millefiori design #919 “Sweet Treats”, another calorie/stitch filled way to forget your diet.


Level: Advanced

Size: 8” x 8” 


961 - Turkey
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#961 961 - Turkey

What a wonderful centerpiece for your holiday table! 

And think how happy the turkey will be.


This turkey nestles into some vitamin-rich fruits and veggies – apples and oranges, pumpkins and pears, realistic grapes (because they are “grown” with 6° seed beads). Learn how to make perfectly uniform, No-Kink Cast-on Stitches, and play with the blended leaf, traveling tendril and crisscross satin stitch. This is an exciting little design that you’ll use from year to year to enhance a small tablescape to decorate your home each holiday season.


A stitch guide and finishing suggestions are included with all Millefiori designs. This is an intermediate-level Brazilian embroidery design.


Design:  5” x5”                                                    



960 - A Fan of Flowers
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#960 960 - A Fan of Flowers

So who isn’t a “fan of flowers”, especially a Brazilian embroidery stitcher! This fan is stitched with three versions of Rosalie’s Picot Rose using the original Picot-Cast-on stitch. Also featured on this design are the Twisty Ribbon Stitch and the lovely new Cascade Blossom. Interesting tips for leaf-stitch and satin stitching with Lola, as well as the application of beads to embellish the fan are included.


Colors used for the design as shown may be replaced with cream and gold or all white with touches of silver or the stitcher’s color choice. Delica and triangle beads are suggested, but Swarovski 3mm pearls may substituted. This intermediate-to-advanced level design includes a dimensional stitch guide and suggestions for finishing.


Design:  8” x  8” 


959  - The Balance of Nature959  - The Balance of Nature
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#959 959 - The Balance of Nature

“The Balance of Nature” is about the food chain as it relates to Brazilian embroidery and was inspired by the children’s rhyme, “There Was An Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly…” 


The magnificent owl, a bird of the night but also a bird of prey, is associated with wisdom. Our owl is wise enough to capture some interesting floss creatures and flowers in Brazilian embroidery along with his lunch and their lunch and their lunch, etc. Innards include another kitty cat, a bird and a mouse that already has an “+” on its eye, plus sunflowers, monarda, asclepias and zinnia. The owl’s perch is a realistic log resting on a bed of ferns stitched with the Ridged Blanket Stitch. Other stitches include the Brazilian lazy daisy, using a technique first introduced by Maria Freitas on her “Birds” design, and an interesting method of making directional flowers. A stitch guide and finishing suggestions are included with all Millefiori designs. This is an intermediate-advanced level Brazilian embroidery design.


The design package includes screen-printed fabric, and the artistic stitcher has the option of framing the owl with a nicely-plump, well-fed kitty cat which can be embroidered or the enclosed pattern used for transfer to a wooden plaque. Instructions include ideas for finishing the “kitty frame” with paint, embroidery, quilting or needle punch.


Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Design: 4 ½” x 5”



958 - I Spy  Flower Patches958 - I Spy  Flower Patches958 - I Spy  Flower Patches
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#958 958 - I Spy Flower Patches

“I spy with my little eye …” A favorite game of our children and grandchildren has inspired this charming Brazilian dimensional embroidery design.
Flowers from Millefiori’s original #828 “Flower Patch” and #829 “Veggie Patch” are combined with even more new flowers in this delightful design. As shown, “I Spy” is incorporated into an art quilt, the outer border embellished with beads, buttons, charms, alphabet bead letters and scrapbooking charms.
The book, Millefiori #955 “An Artist’s Garden” by Rosalie Wakefield, contains all stitch instructions and is required in order to stitch this design as shown.


Level: Intermediate
Price Reduction - Fabric Print Only: 16” x 16”
957 - Formal Garden957 - Formal Garden957 - Formal Garden
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#957 957 - Formal Garden

Fabric print only. All new, small florals are featured in this simple and lovely design suitable for a pillow or framed.
The Brazilian dimensional embroidered flowers growing in the “Formal Garden” are stitched with mostly lighter-weight floss.  The Formal Garden design is sold as a fabric print only; it was developed to demonstrate stitches from the book, An Artist’s Garden by Rosalie Wakefield, and the book is needed to complete the design as shown. This is an intermediate-level design.


Print: 13” x 13”



956 - Come Into My Flowers956 - Come Into My Flowers956 - Come Into My Flowers
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#956 956 - Come Into My Flowers

This 8½” x 11” design  is the front cover from the book, An Artist’s Garden by Rosalie Wakefield. All instructions, color photo and fabric print are included. Additional designs may be found in the book.

 “Come Into My Flowers” leads stitchers along a pathway to a delightful garden gazebo where they can sit in the shade and admire flowers and wildlife visitors as they work on their embroidery.
“Come Into My Flowers” was designed as a companion print to #952 “Sunbonnet Sue’s Sassy Sister” and #953 “Guardians of the Garden”. The two companion prints are also sold with a color photo and all instructions.
All flowers in An Artist’s Garden and its accompanying designs are stitched with lighter weight floss and are intermediate level.
Please refer to the book section at this website for other Brazilian embroidery books by Rosalie Wakefield.




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