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895 - Inspired

Many flowers from the cover of the book, Take A Stitch by Rosalie Wakefield, and some new flowers are part of this “Inspired” Brazilian dimensional embroidery design. A Lovely Lily, Cabbage Roses and Dinnerplate Dahlias anchor a floral medley that also includes realistic Hyacinths, Amaranth, Hollyhocks, Salvia, Pussy Willows, Bugle Daisies and the Punctuation Plant (featuring a new variation of The Comma!).  Also new is the Silver Lace Vine and graceful branches stitched with the versatile Interlocking Stem Stitch.  “Inspired” is sparklingly embellished with beads.

Other Stitch Techniques include: a Double-Double Cast-on, Beaded Stamens, the Boyer Bullion Drizzle and the Backwards Buttonhole.  Also included are the B.E. version of Erica’s Raised Cup, Knotted Turkey Stitch, Double Cast-on and Drizzles, The Comma, Maria’s Detached Bullion, a new floss-bite calyx, the Corkscrew Cast-on, Up-Down Cast-on, Frilly Ridges and Sword Blade Leaves.  

PDF file, traceable pattern - Retail only 

Design: 4” x 10”


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