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#RW.8005 RW.8005 - Wind Chimes

Breeze through this Brazilian embroidery design and finish it as a small art quilt or pillow – wind chimes gently singing in the wind, each flower ready for stitching on any other design. Swaying to the music is a family of owls – mom and dad ready to step out onto the dance floor (or in this case a tree branch), a young teenage owl listening to her own music on her smart phone, and a young swinging owl on a swing, just swinging. Butterflies and Glory Be! s dance in the sky and a garden filled with flowers, weeds and grounded creatures – can you find them? – a mouse, ladybug, snail and kitten -  just enjoy themselves.

You’ll have so much fun stitching the wildlife that you might forget the flowers, but don’t!  They are the best part – different techniques on each of the garden flowers, and each wind chime featuring a variety of stitch combinations. Some stitches are the chain stitch, detached buttonhole stem stitch, knotted loop, Little Archie, lollipop, lopsided lazy daisy, needle weaving (three different ideas),new cast-on pistil stitch, reverse colonial knot, reverse lazy daisy, satin stitch with Lola, side fly, star-fill and the comma.

Design:     10” x 12” fabric on 15” x 17” fabric



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