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 ...the name means "A Thousand Flowers"


"Millefiori" is a combination of the Italian "mille" (thousand) and "fiori" (flowers)
 and is often used to describe the
tiny Venetian glass flower
patterned beads made by the glassmakers of Murano in Italy


Rosalie Wakefield selected the name Millefiori for her Brazilian dimensional embroidery designs because of the flowers she creates, and now she happily gardens with her needle in hand encouraging dimensional floss flowers to pop up everywhere in her garden of stitching delights. The ?real? garden also receives attention, but as most stitchers have discovered:


Brazilian dimensional embroidery entices, enlightens and entertains 

as dimensional creations leap from the fabric beneath the needle 

and the raised stitches add character and zing as our creative spirits soar to new heights.


In addition to her many designs, Rosalie has written several books about Brazilian dimensional embroidery. Her books feature many new stitch techniques which are based on traditional embroidery stitches. 



An Artist?s Garden ? 2007

Tropical Flower Garden ? 2004
My LadyFlowers ? 2001

ABCs for Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery ? 2000

Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Education Projects From The B.E. Wrap-Up Volumes 1-15

                -- Edited by Rosalie Wakefield, Published by BDEIG, Inc.

Designing with the Computer:

Graphics & Drawing with Word Art ? Tips & Tricks with Paint Shop Pro 8
 ? Co-written with Loretta Holzberger

Take A Stitch ? 1998

Tropical Breeze ? 1994

Free Spirit ? 1994

My Stamp Collection ? 1992
My Story



Like most stitchers, it was my mother who first taught me to embroider when I was a little girl in Nebraska, beginning with dishtowels and pillowcases and later with embroidered pictures. Lazy Sunday afternoons were spent at my grandmother?s home, where she taught me crochet. I taught myself to draw on those same Nebraska Sunday afternoons, taking along a pencil and paper as I sat in the shade under a tree and drew the hills, trees, and flowers and nearby creek.


Mom was a teacher at a one-room schoolhouse in northeastern Nebraska. Her dearest wish was for both my sister and I to become teachers. However, we both chose jobs in business: my sister with AT&T and I with television and radio, and later a management and consulting center in Omaha. 


My dad was a farmer and a fisherman and a conservationist, and he taught me appreciation of the outdoors; but my mother and dad both taught me to love gardening ? pulling weeds, saving seeds, pruning things and planting.


Since moving to the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband and family, flowers have become my passion. I think my mother would be happy that I have chosen to teach, through my words and pictures, the creative and fulfilling art of Brazilian dimensional embroidery with its lovely flower-filled designs. 




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